I Help Women By Confronting Men

I Help Women By Confronting Men
14 Jul 2015

My name is Miss Guilty Pleazures and I sell sex for a living. Well, not in the traditional way; I sell sex toys, confidence, love, romance and exploration.

For the past 18 years as the owner of Guilty Pleasures Inc, my main goals have always been to empower women to take control of their own orgasms and to teach men that sex toys are not the enemy. However, empowering women has not been as much of a challenge as getting men to embrace the idea of sex toys in their bed.

One way I make money with Guilty Pleazures Inc is by traveling to adult events and serving attendees as a vendor and sexpert.  Before I can finish setting up my table with the products, the women flock to my table to inspect my products. They’re gawking, touching, giggling and asking questions about the games, erotic candy, whips, ticklers and dildos.

Conversely, the men flee! Of course this means I have to chase them down and then use all of my feminine charm to get them to understand why sex toys are the ally! Sex toys make a better wing man than any of their friends because they would never allow friends to assist them in giving their woman an orgasm.

The first thing I do with a man at my table is to show him things that he can immediately identify with. I show him whips,  paddles and other things that reassure his masculinity.  Now that I have his  attention I can move him along the more exciting part of the table.

Next,  I may give him something to taste like a syrup or edible oil and I may even permit  him to taste that product off of my neck or upper cleavage.

Now that I have his full attention, time to move on to cock rings! Sex school is now in session. Most men have no idea how much of an asset a cock ring can be until I describe the product to them. I educate them on how cock rings assist in maintaining a strong erection and impressive stamina.

Finally, I get personal and ask men what sexual acts they enjoy most. Ladies, I bet there is no surprise that 90% of the men say oral sex. I ask if the men if they use their fingers during oral foreplay and many say “Yes!”.  This is the opportunity for me to explain to men how inserting fingers and toys into a woman’s vagina pushes the clitoris forward giving more sensation and often causing women to orgasm faster. This is music to the ears of every man who thinks his woman often takes too long to climax during oral sex.

In my adventures of educating men, I’ve learned that most men don’t have a problem with using most sex toys. The major issue is with the sex toy being a penis. So ladies, when purchasing toys intended for use with your male partner, avoid things that look like a penis. A much better option would be a Magic Wand which looks more like a neck massager. It looks innocent,  but we all know it’s the best product to summon an unforgettable orgasm. We should start off with buying silver bullets and cock rings that vibrate. Once he is more comfortable with toys in the bedroom, take him to the next level by allowing him to watch you masturbate with toys that look like a penis. He will beg to be a part of the action and this gives you leverage. This is the time that you give him the ultimatum. If he wants to join you, he must use the toys on you. After watching you pleasure yourself he will do just about anything to acquire that all access pass!

Ladies, it is important to be proactive and honest and in the very beginning about the fact that you like to use toys. This is crucial so that he can understand that you are not using the products because you are dissatisfied with his performance. He will understand that you enjoy using toys because it is erotic and a pleasantly naughty. Your man will be more receptive later on if you approach him from this angle in the early stages of your relationship.


Miss Guilty Pleazures


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