Making Money With Thumbtack

Making Money With Thumbtack
14 Jul 2015

To bid or not to bid? This questioned plagued me time and time again as a newbie. I’d sit in front of my computer giving my screen the side eye with almost absolute certainty that Thumbtack was a scam! I was sure that Thumbtack had employees submitting fake leads to get unwitting professionals like myself to waste money buying credits to send quotes to clients that didn’t actually exist. I had spent too much money on Thumbtack and had not booked a single client. This could be nothing but a scam and I swore that after I spent my remaining credits, I would kick Thumbtack to the curb!

What is Thumbtack is a site with great Google ranking. When potential clients are searching for a service online, Thumbtack is often one of the first sites that pops up in many different fields and markets. I have been with Thumbtack for almost two years and I have now had so much success using Thumbtack that they drafted me into the Mentor Program so I can speak with professionals who are new to Thumbtack to get some feedback on how the site is working for them as well as offer some advice on things that has worked for me in regards to booking more gigs using the site.

I was not aware that Thumbtack catered to professionals in so many different fields until I started calling mentees who recently joined Thumbtack. In one hour, I can speak to an attorney, a piano teacher, a video editor, a makeup artist, a pet sitter, a landscaper, a personal chef, a swimming instructor and on and on and on. Whenever someone clicks on, a little questionnaire pops up and the person provides information on what he or she is searching for including the city and zip code, services needed, time and date service should be performed and other pertinent information. This questionnaire is then emailed and/or texted to the professional Thumbtack members. Thumbtack will let up to 5 professionals respond to each quote for a fee, which is in units of prepaid credits. The race is on! Which of the 5 professionals will send the best quote for the best price with the best pictures and the best profile and the best reviews and the best website? Very competitive. I was inundated with 10 to 15 text messages and emails every single day. This would have been good news if only I was getting clients from all this money I was blowing buying credits. What a waste!

I decided that when the last of the recent 60 credits I purchased as part of a package was done, I was going to tell Thumbtack to go kiss where the sun don’t shine. This had to be a scam. I was accomplished in my field and had an impressive clientele list consisting of people who loved my work and referred me to family and friends. There was no logical reason for me to not book a single client unless this was a rip-off. I was down to my last 6 credits when something unexplainable happened. A client booked me. Well, that was 2 years ago and today I booked client number 488 directly on This number, 488,  does not reflect the referral business I get from family and friends of the people who booked me directly on neither does it reflect the repeat business I get from these clients. These referral and repeat clients now have my contact info so they did not need to return to Thumbtack to book me through the site. If we include the repeat and referral clients, the number is closer to 925 clients in 2 years.  I’m so happy that I didn’t give up on

In this 4 part info piece, I will give you all the tips and tricks I used to build an incredible client list on I am not a Thumbtack employee and I am not receiving any sort of sponsorship or compensation for writing this article. I am professional who uses Thumbtack on a daily basis and I appreciate the substantial growth my business has achieved as a result. I enjoy mentoring Thumbtack newbies one-on-one and I want to share this info with more than just one person at a time.  Look out for part 2 where I detail the art of getting reviews in order to quadruple your chances of being hired.


Denise Williams

Thumbtack User and Fan


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