Survivors Remorse

Survivors Remorse
26 Aug 2015


After venting about the portrayal of dark-skinned black women in Straight Outta Compton, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that all of the female characters in Survivor’s Remorse are played by coffee-colored sisters. I discovered Survivor’s Remorse at the beginning of the second season via a billboard on Sunset and La Brea. I binged-watched all the episodes in Season 1 and then began season 2 the next day, only to discover something even more pleasing. Missy Vaughn, played by Teyonah Parris, commits the big chop and goes natural! Now, Reggie’s wife is not only a beauty draped in a rich shade of chocolate, she is also natural. This alone is enough to alert all my natural sisters on Instagram about! I kinda wish this show was on network television so more women of color would be able to see their physical reflections on the screen.

There were other things I appreciated about Survivor’s Guilt as well. A show about a successful, young, black man during the reign of Power and Empire. Watching Cam Calloway, played by Jessie Usher, a young black man making his fortune legally made me grin from ear-to-ear. Yes, I get it, he fills the stereotype of the young black athlete. But, hey, at least he didn’t earn his ticket out of the hood slinging crack. It is sad that a non-drug selling black man is actually a thing… but the pickings are slim. While his big heart often puts him at odds with those around him, in particular Reggie, his manager who is also his cousin, a show about an athlete that wants to do something with his newfound riches that doesn’t solely involve Bugattis, ballin’ and bitches is something new for the kids born after the era of P. Diddy and Bad Boy.

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I love the closeness between the main character, Cam and his family.

What I don’t particularly care for is the lack of respect revealed every time the younger characters and older characters are in the same room. Tichina Arnold plays Cassie, Cam’s and M-Chuck’s (played by Erica Ash) mother in the series. Tachina is far more foul-mouthed and fierce than in anything else I have ever seen her in before and I have no problem with the way she drops F-bombs in every other sentence. Her kids are grown and it’s okay for her to take the gloves off. However, I am not thrilled about her kids using the same language in a conversations with and around her. I am even less thrilled with the language or the triple X details her over-sexed daughter seems compelled to bestow in the presence of her mother in every episode. I am the furthest thing from a prude, but telling her mother about how much p*ssy she ate last night seems a bit forced and has me wondering how much the writers know about the parental code of respect in even the most dysfunctional of black families.

I am really looking forward to checking out the rest of Season 2 and I am hopeful that there is a Season 3, 4, 5, 6 and then some. The characters are dynamic and a refreshing change of pace. If I could bleep out some of the language and blur the few sex scenes, I would even enjoy watching this show with my kids. But alas, I am sure they will find Survivor’s Remorse on their own and I will be happy to discuss this show with them.



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