Eric Jerome Dickey’s One Night a review by Yougahnese Williams

Eric Jerome Dickey’s  One Night a review by Yougahnese Williams
27 Jan 2016



I probably wasn’t in love with the cover art. The title One Night didn’t grab me, perhaps. I’m not sure why I let this Eric Jerome Dickey book sit on the shelf for quite some time before actually reading it. When I finally did pick it up, I was underwhelmed with the story in the first few chapters. I wasn’t sure what to make of the lengthy dialogue that Jackie, the leading female, had with the Man from Orange County in the rain at a gas station.

I didn’t dismiss the book, however. I am indeed an Eric Jerome Dickey junkie and I will never go to rehab! The story progressed at a delicate pace, unlike the interaction of the two characters.

Eric Jerome Dickey-One night

The Man from Orange County is the tall, dark, handsome, mysterious, wealthy stranger that has lived in the fantasies of virtually every straight woman. EJD lets us live vicariously through Jackie to find out what it would be like to experience a one night stand with this man. This epic one night stand subdues every other one night stand! This night is tainted with violence, witty banter, fear, regret, remorse, revenge, suspicion, mistrust, infidelity, lust, desire, unwavering pheromones, 5 star hotel accommodations, insane foreplay, water balloons (uh huh), cunnilingus, fellatio, over a dozen sexual positions, generosity, love, and surrender. To say that I was impressed with Dickey’s ability to tell a story where this roller coaster ride happens in real time would be an abject understatement.

Is it possible to fall in love with a complete stranger in one night? EDJ gives us a vibrant moving story that allows us to toy with that question. He also kinda sorta makes me want to add an actual one night stand to my bucket list. In this 12 hour two-character odyssey we are privy to the details of the X-rated poetric improv between a married man and woman in a committed relationship. Eric Jerome Dickey makes it so hard for our inner-moralist in us to have a fighting chance. This is indeed a different kind of love story. Jackie and the Man From Orange County Create a cocoon in the suite of an upscale hotel room. Dickey invites us in and does not let us leave until we need new batteries in our ‘me time’ gadgets.

I loved the way that EDJ weaved Jackie’s complexity as a texturized character. He makes it impossible to read the novels where black women in Jackie’s tax-bracket are characterized as one dimensional and predictable. Jackie’s vocabulary was even more impressive than her male counterpart who was her intellectual equal and armed with an education from the finest institutions. Dickey excels in creating these savvy contemporary characters that equip his readers with colorful casts to ponder about long after we have finished the last paragraphs in his books.

I took these characters with me long after I closed this book and I think about the possibilities for the sequel. What a cliff hanger at the end! EDJ is such a friggin tease! Please hurry up and write the damn sequel already! Thanks you for giving me a new perspective on one night stands.

Yougahnese Williams


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